Sports Advantage simplifies and streamlines sponsorship management with an intuitive web app for discovering, purchasing, and maximizing ad space ROI in Motorsports

Our Team

Board Member

Mark Messow

Experienced technology adoption and transformation leader.

‍25+ years leadership experience in digital transformation, supply chain, and operations,. 

Passionate about value creation & ecosystem building.

Technology & Strategy Advisor

Brian Haacke

Driving digital transformation strategies and creating disruptive business models.

Brian has 25+ years of software development and  project experience with both startups and multinational enterprises.

Leadership experience with companies including  Matrix 1,  Dassault Systemes, Planet Measuring, Weavik, Spark & Mint.

Racing Ring Leader & Motorsports Practitioner

Alex Fach

Founder and CEO of FACH AUTO TECH, a Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup team.

Since 1994 Alex has been successfully engaged in racing throughout European and international tracks.

Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup, Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland, Porsche Sports Cup Suisse and 24H Dubai.

Advisor & Chief Technology Officer

Adel Elmessiry, Ph.D

Tech entrepreneur, published expert on AI and Blockchain with 20+ years Healthcare, Mentor, Advisors & Speaker.

Tokenomics & development expert

Director, Head of SA Media & Communications

Erik Naeser

Passionate motorsports racing fan and team member.  Serial entrepreneur in life sciences and drug development.

Experienced community builder and event orchestration within professional societies, chambers of commerce, sports associations. 

‍Previously amongst others with Pharmacia & Upjohn and AstraZeneca.

Advisor, Adoption & Community

Mark Nichol

Experienced motorsports athlete and active competitor. 

‍Engineering by education, Mark is a serial entrepreneur with numerous startups and successful exits in both technology and engineering intensive industries.

Mark is combining his passion for racing with his capability to build compelling enterprises..

Product Lead & Development

Saurabh Suri

Track record of building digital fan experiences for Web2 and Web3 companies.

  • Client engagement passion 
  • Numerous solutions 
  • Facebook; Spark & Mint


Detlef Schmidt

Team Owner, and motorsports practitioner. Passion for motorsports marketing.

Serial entrepreneur & Ring leader.

Web3 legal and regulatory expert

Guido Schmitz-Krummacher

Expert in Web 3.0 legal & compliance. 

Director of  Lisk Foundation, Bancor, Liquidapps, Collider AG and Bank ten31.


Nikola Stojanow

Web 3.0 OG - many successful Web 3 projects. Founder of FactorY and Rezolut.

Passion for applying Web 3 to motorsports.